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About PNI Recruitment

PNI is a Philippine based POEA Registered recruitment agency, with clients from all over the world. The PNI group has been offering exceptional staffing services since 1991. On 1999, it launched an overseas arm and to better service its foreign clients, it has set up satellite offices in the US, UK, and Dubai.

Our Services

Knowing full well that every company has its own set of requirements, we offer different services depending on the extent of HR responsibilites you would like to outsource to us:

  • Permanent Staffing - in this case, the employee is considered directly hired by your company. We regularly update our jobs listings on our website and utilize our social media to get as many candidates. From these candidates, we find the best fit, and help you with all deployment requirements.
  • Contract / Project Staffing - apart from all the tasks we undertake for permanent staffing, for this service, we handle the staff's payroll and other HR responsibilites.
  • Outsourced Contract - the employee works in our own office and we handle all management responsibilities to ensure the finished service / product meets your expectations. This helps you drastically save on expenses.

More of our services are discussed on our home page.

Why outsource?

To put it simply: you save on costs, without sacrificing quality.

Read our article on the benefits of outsourcing

Why outsource to our company?

English Proficiency

The Philippines is proud to be awarded the best country in business english for the second time in a row, by GlobalEnglish. A good grasp of the language is integral in communicating requirements and getting the work done efficiently and correctly.

Constantly Growing

We are always expanding our reach by opening new branches in Manila and abroad, fostering relations with foreign clients, and training our team of recruiters and staff effectively. We also keep abreast with technologies and leverage social media to help us with the recruiting process. Our efforts have been recognized by many of our clients, and we were awarded as a top vendor by Accenture.

Contact Us

CLIENTS / EMPLOYERS, pls email [email protected]

For applicant inquiries, please email [email protected]

POEA License: POEA-249-LB-121211-R

9th floor, Room 9D, Strata 2000 Bldg.,
Emerald Avenue, Ortigas Center,
Pasig City, Metro Manila, Philippines 1605

Tel Nos (+632) 631-5206
             (+632) 637-6125
             (+632) 687-7498
Fax no  (+632) 631-6001