A Successful Work Schedule


Do you often find yourself lamenting at the end of the day over your lack of productivity? Why is it that you feel so stressed out and overworked yet still barely effective? Here is the work schedule many successful people follow, which could help you manage your time better: 1. Early to Rise makes a Man Wealthy and Wise Successful people wake up early. So if you’re a freelancer and you prefer waking up late and taking advantage of the flexible work hours, you may want to reconsider. Why wake up early? Because while it’s early you have quiet time … Continue reading

Social Media’s Vital Role in the Recruiting Process


Social media’s ubiquitous influence is definitely not lost in the world of recruitment, as more and more companies look to the Internet for potential candidates. While our country still has a fair share of job fairs in universities, malls, etc. companies have embraced the efficacy and efficiency of social media. How does social media make a positive impact on recruitment? 1. Consider social media as a constant job fair online Traditional job fairs take place only during a limited amount of time (usually over a week or even just a weekend) whereas recruits are always publicly listed in social media … Continue reading