What Makes a Good Recruitment Firm?


A recruiter has an important duty to fulfill for both the hopeful recruits and the businesses who are looking for them. The best part about this is that doing a good service on one party will also mean good results for the other side, resulting in a win-win situation. Case in point: being able to satisfy a client’s needs means that the recruits successfully get a secure job AND also results in possible additional job openings in the future for other hopeful candidates. There are several aspects that a great recruitment firm must possess: 1. It must be able to … Continue reading

More New Zealand Employment Opportunities

Employment Opportunities

The grass is definitely green at New Zealand as Reuben Levermore, New Zealand Ambassador to the Philippines, assures the country that they will be needing more Filipino immigrants to fill in the jobs of their growing economy. On the 2nd quarter of 2014, all regions of the country experienced a healthy job growth, as seen in the increase in job listings at Trade Me. It helps matters that the current Filipino workforce based in New Zealand has proven their skills as accountants, engineers, farm managers, and nurses. In fact, Reuben says that “New Zealanders regard Filipinos very highly.” The Filipino … Continue reading

Freelancer or Outsourcing? Know when to Get Which


The need for outsourcing projects or getting a freelancer has been widely discussed. To put it simply: it is a cost-effective way to do business these days. This is especially popular for industries like Web Development / Information Technology, Writing, Architecture, Human Resources / Recruitment – those that can be easily communicated online. Freelancers are individuals who work on their own independent schedule. These can be individuals who have day jobs, who are studying; in other words, they may have other obligations which can prevent them from fulfilling the job as quickly as you want them to. This may also … Continue reading

GlobalEnglish: The Philippines is the Best Country in Business English (2nd time in a Row)

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I can’t stress enough how English communication skills are essential in most offshore jobs, from health industries like caregiving to more business-intensive tracks like Information Technology and Recruitment. The success of a project or campaign, after all, starts with being able to talk to the clients and fully understand their needs. There is also the need to be able to discuss the timeline as well as other crucial issues. GlobalEnglish, a company part of Pearson, the world’s leading learning company, is fully committed to improving Business English proficiency and improving the offshore market as a result. Yearly, it grades countries … Continue reading

English Proficiency in Caregiving – An Ace for Philippine Recruitment Agencies


Caregivers are very much in demand overseas, and as with most overseas jobs, a good grasp of the English language is important. In fact, it is even more essential for caregivers because they are solely responsible for attending to the needs of patients with dire needs. These are people who may also be hard of hearing so a lack of proficiency in the language will lead to even more chances of miscommunication. This becomes a life or death situation when carers must call the Emergency hotline on behalf of their patients. English proficiency was highlighted by Dr Shereen Hussein just … Continue reading

Social Media’s Vital Role in the Recruiting Process


Social media’s ubiquitous influence is definitely not lost in the world of recruitment, as more and more companies look to the Internet for potential candidates. While our country still has a fair share of job fairs in universities, malls, etc. companies have embraced the efficacy and efficiency of social media. How does social media make a positive impact on recruitment? 1. Consider social media as a constant job fair online Traditional job fairs take place only during a limited amount of time (usually over a week or even just a weekend) whereas recruits are always publicly listed in social media … Continue reading

POEA’s Vital Role in Overseas Recruitment


Yearly, thousands of employment openings hailing from companies abroad pour into the Philippines – golden opportunities for many hopefuls seeking out greener pastures. We have heard many success stories of Filipinos being able to better provide for their family’s future. But unfortunately, there are also unscrupulous companies who deceive people who are all too eager to start their road to success. The POEA, the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration is responsible for monitoring these companies and making sure they renew their licenses, which is why they play such an important role in the offshore recruitment industry. Apart from that, the agency … Continue reading