POEA’s Vital Role in Overseas Recruitment

Yearly, thousands of employment openings hailing from companies abroad pour into the Philippines – golden opportunities for many hopefuls seeking out greener pastures. We have heard many success stories of Filipinos being able to better provide for their family’s future. But unfortunately, there are also unscrupulous companies who deceive people who are all too eager to start their road to success.

The POEA, the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration is responsible for monitoring these companies and making sure they renew their licenses, which is why they play such an important role in the offshore recruitment industry.

Apart from that, the agency also provides a list of jobs taken from a collection of reputable recruitment agencies in the Philippines and collaborates with other establishments to provide job fairs.

The Philippine economy owes a lot to foreign remittances, which is why the POEA is such an indispensable part of the country.

* PNI is listed as a licensed recruitment agency in POEA.

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