What Makes a Good Recruitment Firm?

A recruiter has an important duty to fulfill for both the hopeful recruits and the businesses who are looking for them. The best part about this is that doing a good service on one party will also mean good results for the other side, resulting in a win-win situation. Case in point: being able to satisfy a client’s needs means that the recruits successfully get a secure job AND also results in possible additional job openings in the future for other hopeful candidates.

There are several aspects that a great recruitment firm must possess:

1. It must be able to know and understand the needs of its client
Requirements analysis is the first and most essential part of the process. If a headhunter fails to do this part correctly, both parties will suffer: the business will not get what it wants and will then reject the recruits. The hopeful recruits are then disappointed.

In order to do this step correctly, an able headhunter must:
- have good communication skills. A strong grasp of the English language or the language of the client is important so as to avoid any ambiguities in the discussion and agreement
- listen well. Listening entails hanging on to every detail and word the client says to make sure no nooks and crannies are left untouched
- be approachable. Approachable recruiters put the clients at ease, allowing these clients to comfortably relay everything they need from the get-go

2. Conduct proper screening of recruits
Unless the client only wants the initial basic resume screening, which usually involves basic checks against the printed resumes and standard calls to make sure the contact info stated is still active, it is the recruiter’s job to properly and thoroughly screen the recruits based on the collected requirements.

An effective recruitment company must:
- have a fairly large database of recruits. The more possible recruits, the higher the possibility of getting a good fit
- prioritize quality over quantity. A large database is not enough. These recruits must possess the basic skills every recruit must have for any job position – eg. good work ethic, interpersonal skills, etc.
- have remarkable interview skills, in order to determine if the recruit is a good candidate for the job.
- be approachable and transparent with the recruit. A recruit must be comfortable with the recruiter so that he knows exactly what he is getting into and accept the job as a whole. This improves job retention, which should make the client happy

3. Diligent in screening clients
Screening clients is as important as screening recruits. It is a sad fact that there are offshore businesses out there who end up scamming recruits and giving false promises.

4. Follow Rules and Regulations
As with most things, there are rules and regulations that need to be followed to successfully complete an offshore recruitment process. These are stipulated and moderated by POEA. In addition, agencies must periodically renew their licenses to make sure they are still aligned with the POEA’s guidelines.

5. Be passionate and remember their noble purpose

Ultimately, recruitment brings good jobs to people, which helps improves their lives and their family’s lives as a result. This is such a comforting thought, isn’t it? On the other side, recruitment also helps businesses thrive and grow with the right manpower, which leads to even more job opportunities. It goes around in a wonderful circle!

Every recruitment agency must remember and live by this mission.

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