More New Zealand Employment Opportunities

The grass is definitely green at New Zealand as Reuben Levermore, New Zealand Ambassador to the Philippines, assures the country that they will be needing more Filipino immigrants to fill in the jobs of their growing economy. On the 2nd quarter of 2014, all regions of the country experienced a healthy job growth, as seen in the increase in job listings at Trade Me.

It helps matters that the current Filipino workforce based in New Zealand has proven their skills as accountants, engineers, farm managers, and nurses. In fact, Reuben says that “New Zealanders regard Filipinos very highly.” The Filipino community has doubled in size since 8 years back and makes up for 1% of the country’s population.

In an effort to gain more immigrants, the embassy recently launched a New Zealand trade fair at the Glorietta mall.

We are sure to expect more New Zealand employment offers in the months and years to come. Likewise, our recruitment company is aiming to reach out to more companies in New Zealand. In fact, we have already sent some of our fellow Filipinos to NZ and they are enjoying a successful life:

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