Freelancer or Outsourcing? Know when to Get Which

The need for outsourcing projects or getting a freelancer has been widely discussed. To put it simply: it is a cost-effective way to do business these days. This is especially popular for industries like Web Development / Information Technology, Writing, Architecture, Human Resources / Recruitment – those that can be easily communicated online.

Freelancers are individuals who work on their own independent schedule. These can be individuals who have day jobs, who are studying; in other words, they may have other obligations which can prevent them from fulfilling the job as quickly as you want them to. This may also mean that in several cases, they are hard to contact and coordinate with. None the less, in a haystack of unreliable freelancers, you may be lucky enough to find a very hardworking, dependable freelancer, and save a lot of money in the process.

On the other hand, via outsourcing, you are able to coordinate with an established company whose primary work is to deal with offshore clients and ensure their projects are handled properly. There is a bigger degree of accountability in this case. In most cases, these companies have a well-trained team of people who are good at communicating requirements and timelines with clients, making you feel more at ease with the project’s progress. Of course, like freelancers, you should look for a reputable company within a haystack of other low-quality providers.

Deciding between a freelancer or an outsourcing company depends on the following factors:

1. Size and Impact of the Project / Task
Size and impact must always go hand in hand. A task may be small but if a mistake introduced in this task may lead to a showstopper, then ideally, you should go for an outsourcing company instead of a freelancer.

2. Long term or Short term?
Will this project be needed by the company for a long time or even forever? Or is this project a quick popup campaign? A freelancer would perform well in short term gigs.

3. Privacy / Security
If you have a project that entails a high level of confidentiality, an outsourcing agency will be more accountable. Take note though that if the effect of a security compromise is too grave then an in-house team should also be considered.

Outsourcing and freelancers are not the only options available. You can also consider simply outsourcing the recruitment process, but have the chosen recruits report to you directly. In this case, your business saves on HR-related expenses without sacrificing your desire for an in-house team. To learn more about our recruitment agency’s services, click here.

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