English Proficiency in Caregiving – An Ace for Philippine Recruitment Agencies

Caregivers are very much in demand overseas, and as with most overseas jobs, a good grasp of the English language is important. In fact, it is even more essential for caregivers because they are solely responsible for attending to the needs of patients with dire needs. These are people who may also be hard of hearing so a lack of proficiency in the language will lead to even more chances of miscommunication. This becomes a life or death situation when carers must call the Emergency hotline on behalf of their patients.

English proficiency was highlighted by Dr Shereen Hussein just last May 7, 2014. Dr. Shereen, a scientific adviser to the Department of Health at UK. She stressed the need to test a recruit’s English comprehension on top of other skills, as well as to include language training.

Aside from that, carers must also be able to handle different accents as well as varied slang words and language quirks.

According to a recent research by King’s College London, 20% of carers in the UK are migrant workers, which makes this issue more pressing.

Given our country’s high proficiency in English, recruitment agencies specializing in overseas workers may be able to gain a competitive edge over other countries.

Source: http://www.recruiter.co.uk/news/2014/05/recruitment-agencies-should-ensure-carers-can-speak-english-says-government-adviser/

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