Social Media’s Vital Role in the Recruiting Process

Social media’s ubiquitous influence is definitely not lost in the world of recruitment, as more and more companies look to the Internet for potential candidates. While our country still has a fair share of job fairs in universities, malls, etc. companies have embraced the efficacy and efficiency of social media.

How does social media make a positive impact on recruitment?

1. Consider social media as a constant job fair online
Traditional job fairs take place only during a limited amount of time (usually over a week or even just a weekend) whereas recruits are always publicly listed in social media sites

2. Less need to advertise
The success of job fairs and school talks is based largely on the organizer’s marketing efforts. Social media sites are already vastly popular and expand its wide reach constantly through referrals and word of mouth.

3. A Streamlined Recruitment process
With a large database of recruits at a mere click of the mouse, recruiters and headhunters can easily sort through recruits based on expertise and profiles. They can even look for recruits based on a particular interest or organization.

This significantly lessens the amount of human work needed to sort and categorize printed resumes.

4. Social Media encourages creativity among candidates
Instead of just sending in a collection of printed black and white papers with text, candidates can utilize social media and Internet to their advantage by showcasing their expertise and passions. It also encourages them to find better ways to network themselves and connect with like-minded people to be seen by more companies.

5. More comprehensive candidate screening
Most people post absolutely every aspect of their lives on social media and recruiters can use this to profile candidates at their most honest state. Here’s an eye-opening statistic: 3 out of 4 hiring managers and recruiters will check a candidate’s social profile… even if the candidate did not give out their social profile!

6. A great way to spot tech-savvy candidates
In this day and age, most job positions and companies, even those that are not directly related to IT, will prefer a tech-savvy candidate. Social profiles and a candidate’s use of social media will ensure that the person to be hired has a good enough background in technology.

Here is a very useful infographic on social media and hiring

Social Media for Recruitment - Infographic – Connecting Great Companies with Global Talent

The most famous job hunting sites in the Philippines are Job Street and LinkedIn. LinkedIn is also widely used overseas.

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